About Us

Who We Are

Lux &Veritas is an International Law Firm founded by jurists and academics with multifaceted intellects and proficiencies in international litigation, international dispute resolution, international crisis and reputation management and the conduct of business internationally. Our reputation and expertise in the chosen fields affords us ready access to the brightest and the best talents through a network of partners, intervenors and emissaries who share identical values, mission and foresight.

Lux & Veritas has a niche focus on multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdiction and multi-sector matters.Partners and associates have a long history of involvement in public and private international law teaching, research and practice with a breadth and depth of experience in areas such as: Constitutional and Human Rights, Finance and Banking, Corporate and Commercial, Land and Real Estate, Equity and Trust, Acquisitions and Mergers, Trade and Investment..

Lux & Veritas is not a conventional advocacy and consulting prcatice. We operate as strategic case and crisis managers, protecting the interests of our clients by drawing on our experience and our broad network of key contacts. We do not shy away from cases simply because they are difficult or demanding or require a less conventional, lateral or flexible approach. Quite the contrary, this is where we can excel..